1964 Chevelle Production Numbers by Individual Plant

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MonthAtlanta-ABaltimore-BFremont-HKansas City-KVan Nuys-L
August (1963*)08E
January (1964)125587-132435128574-137282106756-107890134616-146202121866-127967
Just for fun...Daily Production
1964AtlantaBaltimoreFremontKansas CityLos Angeles

* Although there were 1964 Chevelles with body dates in August 1963, August and September totals are listed in September only.

The GM report indicates there were 15 Chevelles built at the Framingham plant but this in not confirmed.

The total production figures above for Chevelles are for U.S. and domestic export. Canadian Classic Chevelles reports there were 14,583 1964 Chevelles assembled in Canada.

  • (1) Chevrolet's published figure for the 1964 model year are 370,834 units.

  • (2) Not shown are production figures for Framingham due to extremely short production cycle; June 1964 shows a last VIN of 100012 and July shows a last VIN of 100015 for a total of 15 units.

  • Subtracting the total of last reported VINs of each plant (358,963 + 15 from Framingham) from the published figure leaves 11,856 units unaccounted for; that is 11,856 more Chevelles reported built than there are VINs for them.

  • Canadian Classic Chevelles & Beaumonts puts Canadian production totals at 14,583 while GM's figures puts the number at 16,285.

  • A reported 1,076 Chevelles were built in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

  • GM of Canada documentation report shows 474 Malibu SS convertibles produced for sale in Canada.

Caveats and Disclaimers:

The numbers shown are reported last VINs from each plant per month. The numbers above those in red are instances of matching VIN and Fisher Body plates to show VINs/body dates outside the published numbers. The Fisher Body Number plate build week not match the calendar week; meaning an example body date of 04A may not be the first physical or even calendar week of April. Productions are scheduled well in advance of actual build date and given it takes 3 to 4 days to physically build the car once it is scheduled, you can see where the body date will not always match up with the VIN sequence. Obviously the body plates, and the associated information, are stamped when the cars are scheduled, not as they roll by a particular station. Cars with 04A body dates may run into week 04B of production. GM wouldn't just toss out the existing body number plates with 04A just because the car didn't physically get completed until the following week.

In reality, don't place too much emphasis on the body date as opposed to the last reported VIN for a given month. The anomalies shown are shown for that very reason. It does happen and that should not be a basis for worry that your car may have had the body plate (trim tag) and/or VIN altered.

If you have trim tags/VINs plates with dates and sequence numbers that don't fall into the range of those shown below, please email me the trim tag and sequence number and I'll post the oddity. Email it to me via my contact page.